we have created an affordable and authentic way for social enterprises to generate buzz about their brand


Work with influencers who are genuine and passionate about making the world a better place


ethical influencers

We have over 1,000 quality, vetted and relevant influencers for businesses who are positively impacting the world. We are building a strong community of ethical influencers who care about the environment, health, and wellbeing. We provide purpose-led brands with the most relevant ethical influencers based on their ethos so they can start building direct relationships.


less work

Brands no longer have to spend days, sometimes weeks, or waste marketing budget finding the right influencers. We have already vetted the influencers in our network, by manually looking through their content as well as using AI technology, to ensure they are REAL. Additionally, our influencer marketing experts know who will be most relevant for your brand.


advanced analytics

Be able to identify the best influencers for your brand’s purpose with engagement and authenticity metrics that show real influence. We do NOT work with influencers who buy fake followers or engagements, and we can prove this through the reporting we send to you for each influencer.


Simple process

It’s simple, brands submit a description of what they’d like to achieve and we invite influencers in our community to participate. Influencers request to participate in your campaign, we provide you with their profile, engagement and audience metrics, and brands select who you’d like to join. Brands have unlimited access to a quality ethical influencers to continue to grow their community.


Ads that give back

We don’t just SAY we care, we DO. We’ve created a business for good ad revenue model. For every ad that runs we give back to each of the charities and/or causes the brand’s are working with.




Brands submit a description of the campaign explaining what you’d like to achieve and the type of content they’d like created. In this section, brands share the story behind the product to capture influencer interest.


Pre-qualified and relevant influencers request to participate in the campaign. Along with a description of who they are and why they’d like to join, we share follower and engagement metrics and whether they have quality, REAL influence so you can make an informed decision on who is best for your campaign.


Brands select the best influencers to tell their story and the influencers create the agreed upon content. We deliver reporting and post-campaign analysis so you can decide whether you’d like to keep the influencers as part of your brand’s community or if you’d like to test new influencers.

grow your community and Start working with ethical influencerS today

Starter Community
Quick View
Starter Community
  • Unlimited pre-qualified and vetted ethical influencers requesting to participate in your campaign

  • Engagement and authenticity metrics per influencer

  • Audience score per influencer

Plus Community
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Plus Community
  • Unlimited pre-qualified and vetted ethical influencers requesting to participate in your campaigns

  • Audience, engagement and authenticity metrics

  • Access to influencer marketing expert (1 X consultation call + additional support as agreed)

Pro Community
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Pro Community
  • Unlimited pre-qualified and vetted ethical influencers requesting to participate in your campaigns

  • Influencer Marketing Manager to plan and manage the campaign

  • Advanced reporting and post-campaign analysis

  • Audience, engagement and authenticity metrics

  • Unlimited access to influencer marketing expert