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MAKING WAVES: Interview with INFLUENCER, Red Ted Art

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

We are so excited to announce our creator interview series, MAKING WAVES. Every month we will interview a top creator - who not only ideates and creates innovative and interesting content but also has influence - and gain insight into growing and maintaining a business in the digital world. We will share insider information about the influencer marketing industry and how to collaborate with influencers and brands.

We are so honoured to start with such an amazing influencer for our first interview, if you haven't heard of her already you must! We were so impressed by Maggy and her creation of Red Ted Art, she's a half Austrian and half Spanish mother of "Red Ted" living in the UK with a huge passion for discovering and creating new things. This passion quickly turned into a full-fledged business!

Maggy has become wildly popular for her YouTube videos with over 400K subscribers and has worked with a number of brands. We love the whole ethos of Red Ted Art because it aims to inspire fans how to get crafty and explore their creative side. She shares easy, do-able, fun and colourful arts and crafts ideas for all ages!

So here we go.....

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you start your business online?

I love to craft. Crafting has always been a passion and a hobby of mine. I remember many a teenage hour sitting in my room, sewing, knitting or making something! Later on in life, I always made all my friends’ birthday cards and Christmas cards. But apart from those.. I lost my “way” from crafting, as “life” and “work” took over.

When I had my kids (10 yrs ago now), I wanted to create something I could do “from home” whilst looking after the children: Red Ted Art was born. It has now been going for about 8yrs.. I bring EASY kids crafts to my readers and YouTube viewers. The key is “easy” and with “accessible” materials as I want people to enjoy the crafts and have a positive “outcome” all time. Most people struggle with their creativity (though I believe strongly that everyone IS creative), so my crafts are designed to help people along their own creative journey!

2. What advice can you offer to other content creators who are looking to grow their brand/business?

It may be a little cheesy to say.. but it is so true: Believe in yourself.. if you are passionate about something, you can do it!! Don’t worry what other people say.. just follow your passion. However, you do need to be consistent in your work and keep at it. Hard work is definitely part of success!

3. What did you do before becoming a YouTuber/Blogger and when did brands start to get in touch with you?

Before blogging/ YouTube, I was actually a management consultant (my last job was an “in house” project management role), having studied Mechanical Engineering at University! So really, you CAN totally change your path if you want to!!

I would say brands started in getting touch with me… maybe 10-12months into blogging? It is good to join some blogging groups and forums to connect and get to know other bloggers… and brands will usually end up finding you via them. Good SEO is also key to being “spotted”. Always work professionally, on time and deliver to expectations for repeat business and to get onto brands’ “good lists”.

4. How have you leveraged your skills to partner with brands and make money from your business?

Earning from my business was a gradual process. In the early days working with brands was key – now most of my income comes from ad revenue. However, I still love working with brands, as they often get me to think outside the box and come up with new and exiting crafts!

5. What kind of feedback have you received from the brands you've worked with?

I would like to think it is all positive!! Especially from those that I worked with for a number of years now/ on a number of projects! I do think it is important to:

· Always stay professional – always stay polite

· Be super reliable (deliver on time and do specifications)

· Being flexible (within reason – e.g. turning something around a little quicker than expected)

· If you can – exceed expectations - e.g. do a little extra social sharing etc

6. What has been your favourite project you've worked on to date and why?

Oh that is super tricky! But I guess it is those projects where you both represent the brand but also create a fabulous craft that you are proud of and enjoy sharing with your readers. This makes for a really great win-win situation e.g. I love these take a long dolls houses.. and I regularly “re-share them” as they are fun

You can find and follow Maggy, creator of Red Ted Art, here.



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