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Is Instagram's IGTV Slated to Dethrone YouTube?

It's been more than a decade since the juggernaut video sharing website YouTube came into existence. Since then, no other website has been able to take its place. Be it Facebook, Dailymotion or Metacafe - YouTube has remained superior and more used than any new advancement in the world of online video sharing. Is it finally time that Youtube surrendered its top spot to a new website? Many experts think this is going to be the case soon. The replacement? None other than IGTV by one of the biggest social media networks in the world - Facebook. 

What the heck is IGTV?

If you haven't opened your Instagram app in the last week, you should. You'll notice a cute little TV shaped button at the top of your Instagram app. With this new feature, users are able to upload and view videos that are outside of the current Instagram sphere.

As this is such a recent development, most people don't know the exact details around IGTV.

What does it have to offer, and what edge does it offer over existing video sharing websites? we're about to break it down, here are the 3 key features of IGTV:

Videos can be up to an hour long

As opposed to the current Instagram policy that doesn't allow videos longer than a few minutes, IGTV is initially going to allow videos up to an hour long. These videos can be uploaded and watched by anyone. Moreover, they will have the full-screen option, as opposed to the current Instagram videos that cannot be zoomed into in any way.

Videos Can Be Specifically Searched For

Instagram does not currently allow users to search for videos on the basis of their title, unlike YouTube and other video sharing sites. However, IGTV will allow users to not only watch videos by the accounts they follow but also search for videos via title, regardless of who the uploader may be.

It can be accessed in two different ways

Currently, Instagram offers users the option to access IGTV in two ways: they can either choose to download the app separately, or alternatively use the TV-shaped button at the top right of the screen, next to the Direct Messages icon.

Will IGTV dethrone YouTube?

With the current demonetisation and content-policing policies launched by YouTube, many creators as well as viewers have expressed dissent with the way YouTube works. YouTube creator PewdiePie, behind the largest channel on the site, has made several detailed videos explaining his disagreement with YouTube policies. The same sentiments have been expressed by many of the biggest channels and creators on the website. With a new video sharing service in town that's attached to the already massively popular Instagram - there's a significant likeliness of YouTube creators shifting to IGTV - and IGTV eventually dethroning YouTube to claim the top spot for itself.

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