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The speed at which influencer marketing has grown over the last couple years is immense, however due to its fast growth we have seen many mistakes. Here are our top five mistakes we have seen in the industry:

1. Not taking the time to iron out the finer details:

  • Look into the type of content they post (at least 15-20 posts and read their blogs!) – Is the influencer talking about relevant topics to your brand? Does the audience respond in a genuine way?

  • Understand their engagement rates – for micro-influencers, do they have above 5%, for macro-influencers, do they have above 1.5%? Are they genuine influencers?

  • Visit the influencer's other channels (not just Instagram), do they talk about similar topics to their main channel? Who is their audience on these channels?

  • Start a conversation and build rapport before the campaign - how do they interact with you? Are they responsive and do they care?

2. Setting unclear goals, or not setting any goals, for your campaign:

  • What exactly are you trying to achieve with your influencer campaign?

  • Understand your objectives and key KPIs i.e. "I want X amount of sales" or "I want to reach X amount of people."

  • Clearly communicate with your influencer what you are trying to achieve so they know exactly what they need to do and when. Share your goals with them so they can promote accordingly.

Not involving the influencer effectively:

It’s all about team work. We work closely with influencers to co-create campaigns that drive real value and impact. We'll develop a creative idea and strategic framework that we know will get the most out of the campaign, working with influencers can be creative and fun! Influencers know exactly what their audience wants to see and you need to trust them to provide the goods, so try to involve them in every step of the process.

Not measuring the results:

Analytics are your best friend. For instance, if you were selling an event or a product – check whether have sales gone up in response to your influencer’s post or down? Keep an eye on it by tracking the metrics. If the website clicks haven’t gained momentum you will have time to introduce a new strategy with your influencer. If this is your first time executing an influencer campaign, you'll want to keep a close eye on your KPIs to see whether you should change direction.

Be Authentic:

People know when they are being advertised to, even if it’s not blatantly obvious. Nobody likes an advertisement - especially from influencers they respect. This is why it’s important to come off authentic and genuine and give your influencer the freedom to provide his/her own unique spin to your product and branding.



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